Method of Sale

There are several ways to sell your property. The most common are auction or private treaty. Both have advantages and disadvantages. we will advise you on the best method based on the type and location of your property, the nature of the market and your preferred time frame.

Private Treaty

This method is recommended for properties where time of sale is not an issue, where the client is most comfortable with a clear price. This method means the property is placed in the hands of one agent for an agreed period of time. The agent is 100% committed to actively working to find a purchaser.


This method is recommended for properties where the aim is to achieve a premium price, when it is important to have a set time frame to work with, and where the client is comfortable using market demand to help achieve the price. There are misconceptions regarding marketing without a price. However, marketing without a price is one of the most effective methods of achieving a premium price within a given time frame.